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Written Business Plan

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- Opportunity/Need: (20%) - Product/ Service: (15%) - Intellectual Property: (5%) - Industry Analysis: (10%) - Marketing: (10%) - Operating Strategies: (10%) - Founding (Management) Team: (15%) - Financing/Profit Potential: (10%) - Writing: (5%) TOTAL: 100%
Guidelines & information
Written Plan Scoring faulkner-challenge.pdf 427.91 KB
Written business plans are limited to 5 pages of text (typed, 12-point font, and 1" margins on all sides). The cover page and table of contents are not included in the 5-page limit. Detailed spreadsheets and appropriate appendices should follow the text portion of the business plan; 5 additional pages are allowed for this section. Plans that do not use all 5 pages allotted to the appendices and spreadsheet section may NOT be used to increase the size of their 5-page business plan. In total, the maximum number of pages is 12. DUE on March 5, 2021.