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Live Mock Board Room

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The format of the Mock Board Room is designed to help teach and reward these skills in aspiring entrepreneurs. Based on a review of the executive summary and video pitch, KEC judges and staff will provide a list of questions to the participants designed to reflect the real-world challenges and decision-making requirements of entrepreneurs. Students will have the opportunity to participate in 3 Mock Board Rooms at KEC.
Guidelines & information
Mock Board Room FAQ Final.pdf 608.27 KB
A maximum of ten minutes will be allowed in front of the judges for each business presentation/questions.
  • Timing begins when the presenter begins speaking.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of entrepreneurs that can present.
  • Immediately following the presentation, judges will ask questions.
  • Others in attendance are not permitted to ask questions or to comment.
  • Entrepreneurs must give the presentation live and in person.
  • Entrepreneurs are permitted to utilize handouts and other visual aids.
  • Refer to the FAQ for additional guidance.

Please review the Mock Board Room rubric for full judging criteria.