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Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2023 - Wabaunsee County

2023-2024 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Series

Business application deadline
October 31, 2023
Judge sign-up deadline
November 1, 2023
Entry fee
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The main event will take place on November 8, 2023, between 11:00-1:00pm, but challengers will be allowed time before and after this period to set up their booths. The Challenge evaluates the ability of 6th-12th Grade youth who meet at least one of the following criteria: live in Wabaunsee County, current approved Wabaunsee County 4-H member, attend public or private school in Wabaunsee County (each youth may only participate in one YEC event each year). In addition, Executive Summaries and formal presentation slide decks are due in advance so that judges may review them before the Challenge tradeshow event.

Businesses (participants can be individuals or teams) will be judged on the following:

 Executive Summary (prior to competition day)
Judges will take the following into consideration:
  •  Market Opportunity – Clear market need presented, with the ability & plan to capture it 
  • Management Capability – Founder / team demonstrates ability to effectively grow company 
  • Business Model – viability to grow a profitable business 
  • Product / Service Offering – customer focused solution with a clear value proposition

Mock Board Room (on competition day)
Successful entrepreneurs are adaptable, critical thinkers, and creative problem-solvers. The format of the Mock Board Room is designed to help teach and reward these skills in aspiring entrepreneurs. Based on a review of the executive summary and video pitch, KEC judges and staff will provide a list of questions to the participants designed to reflect the real-world challenges and decision-making requirements of entrepreneurs. During the Mock Board Room, the students will have time with KEC judges to answer these questions and any additional follow-up questions asked by the judges. The Mock Board Room is closed to the public. Time begins when the presenter begins speaking. Teams are not allowed to use a slide presentation (ex. PowerPoint). Prototypes, props, index cards, etc. are allowed but must be easily removed from presentation room. There will be no guarantee of confidentiality. Presenters are encouraged to avoid speaking about topics or items that should remain confidential. Mock Board Room Scoring Entrepreneurial Characteristics Realistic – answers were feasible, realistic and aligned with company’s means Justification – ample justification given using quality data, analysis, and critical thinking Specificity – responses were specific, detailed, and action-oriented Originality – solutions were creative and original Professionalism - student carried themselves in a professional manner Knowledge - student had appropriate amount of business knowledge

Interactive Public Tradeshow (on competition day)
Successful entrepreneurs are creative networkers, marketing savvy and strategic. The format of the Public Tradeshow is designed to help teach and reward these skills in aspiring entrepreneurs. Youth will prepare a two-minute elevator speech for public attendees and judges.

There are local prizes and first-place winners can continue to the Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge at Kansas State University. 6th Graders are eligible for local prizes but not the advancement to KEC in Spring 2024.

Schedule and key dates

Registration Open: August 15 - October 31, 2023
Judging Begins: November 1, 2023
Competition Day & Public Tradeshow: November 8, 2023

Organized by

Stephanie Maike

Date and time

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Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a written business summary, in PDF format, including de...

Weight: 50%
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Formal Presentation

The Formal Presentation is a four-to-six-minute presentation where each business...

Weight: 25%
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The Tradeshow is a 90-minute event where businesses will have the opportunity to...

Weight: 25%
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