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Generation Steam 2023


Business application deadline
April 7, 2023
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Welcome to the

Arts Partners
2023 Generation STEAM Challenge!

The Generation STEAM program is cultivating the creativity of the Next Generation of STEAM Innovators through Arts Integration.
6th-8th grade students attending school in zip codes 67208, 67214, and 67219 may compete to design viable solutions and prototypes that solve a community problem related to thesocial determinants of health.

To enter the competition:

1) Identify a real-world problem that directly impacts your community from the elements of a healthy community wheel

2) Develop a plan of how to solve the problem that can be implemented in a shipping container

3) Create a prototype (model) of your shipping container

4) Design a mural for the outside of the container

5) Record a 3 - 5 min pitch video featuring your prototype that defines the problem and your solution.

6) Join the competition as an Entreprenuer and upload:
- Pitch Video (url link)
- Image(s) of prototype
- Image(s) of mural design

The best design will be built in the Wichita community in a shipping container during the National Science Olympiad hosted by Wichita State University in May 18 and 19 and will have a permanent home at Ruby's Culture Campus, a location where Arts Partners' youth can implement community serving projects in the future.

Funding for this project is provided by the Evergy Community Investment Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation, Cargill, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Science Olympiad.

Multiple submissions from one school are allowed, however one submission is allowed per group. If there are multiple submission from the same school, please submit an "Entrepreneur" form per submission.

Schedule and key dates

Submission Deadline: April 7, 2023

Organized by

Arts Partners

Date and time

Address and location

903 S Edgemoor St


Pitch Video

The pitch is a short video describing a solution to a community problem. Please...

Weight: 100%
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Mural Design

The mural design should include design components relevant to the identified pro...

Weight: 0%
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The prototype should demonstrate how the solution will work within the shipping...

Weight: 0%
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