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Girard YEC

Formal Presentation Rubric


Keeping in mind that it is a goal for this event to be a learning opportunity for the participants, please provide feedback being as specific as possible. Please focus on the situation by suggesting actions to improve their business and presentation, and not character traits. Ask whatever you need to in able to understand our young entrepreneurs' motivation and reasoning. Praise, where warranted, and constructive critiques will enhance this event for all involved.


Choose a score, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best), for each of the following.

Business Overview: Explains business, team and key roles, relevant experience, intended legal structure, product/service offered, location, timeline, funding needed, etc.
Marketing: Market research done to identify target market, plan to reach market, potential growth, competition, promotion/advertising, pricing strategy, etc.
Financials: Accurately projected financial requirements, cash flow, income, etc.
Presentation: Poise, confidence, comprehension, quality and relevance of slides, ability to answer judge questions, proper attire, captures attention, within time limits, etc.
Viable: How likely would people be to invest in this business or to be a customer.
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