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Elevator Pitch

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The Elevator Pitch is a short pitch of an entrepreneur's business to a panel of judges. The goal of an elevator pitch should be to provide an overview of the business and to leave the audience excited to learn more.
Guidelines & information
  • Only one entrepreneur from each business will be allowed to give the elevator pitch.
  • Each speaker will receive one minute to enter and introduce themselves.
  • A maximum of 2 minutes will be allowed for the elevator pitch; time begins immediately after the speaker\'s self introduction.
  • Judges will be permitted to ask questions following the elevator pitch.
  • No slides or handouts are permitted.

Please review the Elevator Pitch Rubric for full judging criteria.

EP Guidelines.pdf 286.23 KB
EP Scorecard.pdf 268.83 KB

Further Reading
Judging deadline
November 23, 2021 11:59PM EST