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Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge

Formal Presentation Rubric


Choose a score, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best), for each of the following.

Understanding the Problem: Have they talked to multiple customers? Do they have evidence that there is a sizable market? How well do they understand the problem?
Proposing a Solution: How well does it address the problem? Which, if any, side effects or new problems could it cause -- have they addressed them? Is it a realistic and achievable solution?
Progress: How would you rate their progress? Are they at the idea stage, proof of concept, working prototype, etc.? How much feedback did they gather and how did it impact their solution’s development? How did they test their idea?
Go-To-Market Strategy: Have they demonstrated sufficient market research to identify target market, plan to reach market, potential growth, competition and competition? Do they have a a realistic/strong marketing plan to reach their market?
Next Steps: Did the team receive feedback from real users and are they using it to clearly plan their next steps? Did they explain how IEC funds could help their next steps?
Team: Is this a team that could continue on with the idea? Do they have the right skill sets on the team or a plan to find them?
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