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The Tradeshow is a 90-minute event where businesses will have the opportunity to pitch their product or service to judges using a tradeshow booth as a visual and informational aid. Judges will visit each business to evaluate the business idea, display, and its members' ability to discuss the business and answer questions about it.
Guidelines & information
  • Entrepreneurs will be allowed time to set up their tradeshow booths. Booths must be finished and students ready to begin answering questions by the time judges begin their walkthrough.
  • Judges will visit business booths for a total of 90-minutes. If entrepreneurs are not at their booth when judges visit, the business will be disqualified from the Tradeshow component.
  • Judges will have a few minutes to listen to each business share the highlights of their business plan and high-level details of the product or service being offered.
  • Entrepreneurs will be allowed to provide samples or handouts.
  • Judges will be allowed to ask questions.
  • Members of the public might also be invited to the tradeshow. Entrepreneurs should be at their booth, ready to network and share with all those in attendance.

Judging will reflect a business’s performance in the following categories:
    • Business Overview:
      • What is it, who occupies key roles (management/operations), what is your experience, what legal structure will you use, etc.
    • Business Description:
      • What product or service will you provide, where will your business exist, when will it happen, what funds will you need, etc.
    • Marketing:
      • Market research including target market, is the market big enough to matter, how will you reach your market, potential growth, who is your competition, what promotion and advertising will you use, how did you choose your pricing strategy
    • Financials:
      • Project financial requirements, cash flow, projected income, etc.
    • Presentation:
      • Poise, confidence, comprehension, ability to answer judges’ questions, proper attire for a business presentation, captures attention, is within time limits, etc.
    • Booth Display:
      • Creative, neat, easy-to-understand, relates to your business, engages judges, etc.
    • Investable: Is it an idea that, based on the judges’ experience, makes them interested in investing in your company?

Please review the Tradeshow Rubric for full judging criteria.

Please review the Tradeshow Rubric for full judging criteria.

Judging deadline
Mar 4, 2024 1:00 PM CST