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Elevator Pitch Video

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The Elevator Pitch Video is a short video pitch of an entrepreneur's business to a panel of judges. The goal of an elevator pitch should be to provide an overview of the business and to leave the audience excited to learn more.
Guidelines & information
Specific Requirements:
  • Video pitch should be a minimum length of 90 seconds with a maximum length of three minutes.
  • Video pitches should not exceed the three minute time limit.
  • All submitted work must be the original work of the members of the business (entrepreneurs and/or mentors).
  • Any submission that does not meet these requirements will be disqualified from the Elevator Pitch component.
  • Video pitches must be made public so that judges can view.

Frequently Asked Question: "Who should I be pitching to?"
Answer: Students should not consider this a "role play" where they are pitching to investors or customers. Students are pitching a business idea to a panel of judges who are evaluating their idea and pitch based on the rubric/criteria provided. Students are not asking for an investment or selling to a customer - they are explaining their business idea.

The submitted video must cover the following general aspects of the business:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Business Model
  • Management Capability
  • Product/Service Offering

Please review the Elevator Pitch Rubric for full judging criteria.
Submission deadline
Mar 19, 2024 11:59 PM CDT