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2020-2021 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Series Competition

Executive Summary Rubric


Constructive Criticism
Please keep in mind that these are middle and high school students, not adults. Please provide criticism that is gentle and constructive rather than harsh and discouraging.

Judge Expectations and Reminders
Students participating in the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Series rely on you as part of the learning process.

We recommend that each judge ask the student(s) at least one question. This will help the student get as much as they can out of this learning experience.


Choose a score, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best), for each of the following.

Market Opportunity: Sizeable market need presented, with the ability and plan to capture it.
Business Model: Company has a viable plan to grow a profitable business.
Management Capability: Founder/team demonstrates the ability to effectively grow the company.
Product/Service Offering: Customer focused solution with a clear value proposition.
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