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Cherokee County Youth Entrepreneur Fair

Tabletop Display Rubric


Please keep in mind that these are middle and high school students, not adults. Please provide criticism that is gentle and constructive rather than harsh and discouraging.

We recommend that each judge ask the student(s) at least one question. This will help the student get as much as they can out of this learning experience.


Choose a score, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best), for each of the following.

Display Content: Describes the company and their product/service. Explains their target market, the competition, and what will set them apart. Explains how they will make money. Describes their goals and what they need to make them happen.
Display Execution: Captures attention. Creative. Neat and orderly. Easy to understand.
Interaction with Judges: Approachable. Confident. Enthusiastic. Demonstrates knowledge of the business. Effectively addresses questions posed by judges.
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