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2024 IgniteWV - Round 1 Track 1: Main Street

Business application deadline
January 18, 2024
Judge sign-up deadline
January 17, 2024
Entry Fee
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IgniteWV is a competition open to all parties interested in registering a business in West Virginia to support the start and growth of their idea. The goal is to provide budding entrepreneurs with the education, skills, contacts, and motivation necessary to create a viable start-up company in West Virginia. 

The Main Street track focuses on traditional, well-established types of businesses that often have a local or community-oriented presence. These businesses typically serve a specific geographical area and have a tangible physical presence, either as brick-and-mortar establishments or through e-commerce platforms.

Schedule and key dates

  • January 18
    • Round 1: 90-second (maximum) pitch video
  • February
    • Announce finalists
      • Judges will select finalist teams and an announcement will be made by February 1, 2024.
    • iCorps Training (4 weeks)
  •  March
    • Workshops/ Pitch Prep
  • April
    • April 8, 2024: Practice Presentation
    • April 9, 2024: The final round of competition will conclude in person in Huntington, WV where the finalist teams will present their final presentations followed by Q&A from the judges.

Organized by

Tara St. Clair

Date and time

Address and location


Required 90-second (maximum) pitch & optional supplemental documentation

In the initial round of the competition, your objective is to create a 90-second...

Weight: 100%
Edit Required 90-second (maximum) pitch & optional supplemental documentation