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Great Bend YEC Event

Great Bend, KS

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Business application deadline
February 18, 2021
Judge sign-up deadline
February 18, 2021
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Welcome to Barton County's first annual Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge! This competition will be broken down into two segments. The first segment will take place at the Event Center. In the first segment all participants will put together a tradeshow presentation of their business idea and share with the public, they will also present their formal 4 minute presentation to the judges. After the first segment, the top 10 participants will be announced and will move on to segment two. Think of this segment as Barton County's own "Shark Tank." Segment two will take place at the Crest Theatre. The top 10 participants will be asked to set up their trade show presentation and present to the judges once more. In this segment the judges will have the opportunity to ask questions about the business. At the end, three participants will receive awards. First place = $1,000, Second place = $750, Third place = $500. The first place winner will also be invited to compete in the State wide competition. 

Schedule and key dates

The competition will take place on March 4th, 2021.
Segment 1: All Participants
10:00: Participants will be invited to set up their displays as early as 10:00. All displays need to be set up and ready by 11:00. 
11:00: Lunch will be provided to all participants and judges. This will be a last minute opportunity for participants to get to know the judges and ask any final questions. 
11:30: Tradeshow starts and is open to the public. Students will answer questions from the public, as well as give their formal 4 minute presentation to the Judges. 
12:45: Judges will be finished at booths and will now take time to score participants. 
1:00: Top 10 will be announced. At this time all participants may clean up their displays. 

Segment 2: Top 10
6:30: The competition will begin. All participants will have no more than 10 minutes between presentations for set up. Participants may choose to have family or friends help in the quick set-up process. 
7:15: Judges will begin to tally the results. 
7:25: Winners are announced and prize money awarded. 

Organized by

Sara Hayden and Megan Barfield

Date and time

Address and location

3111 10th Street
Great Bend, KS 67530


Executive Summary

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Weight: 33.3%
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Formal Presentation

The Formal Presentation is a four minute presentation where each business will s...

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The Tradeshow is a 90-minute event where businesses will have the opportunity to...

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Rank Business Overall Score Executive Summary Formal Presentation Tradeshow
1 Kiley's Creations 47.419 / 50 17.6 / 20 24.6 / 25 24.6 / 25
2 Sunshine Smoothies 41.492 / 50 15.6 / 20 21.4 / 25 21.4 / 25
3 Pickle's Custom Designs 36.597 / 50 13.4 / 20 18.4 / 25 19.8 / 25