Fall 2021 ESTEAM Pitch Competition

ESTEAM Pitch Contest Series

Business application deadline
November 5, 2021
Judge sign-up deadline
December 1, 2021
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EntreEd, The National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, is hosting The ESTEAM Pitch Competition as part of their ARC-funded ESTEAM project. 

The ESTEAM project helps middle- and high schools across the region infuse entrepreneurship education into core academic areas, with a focus on STEAM classrooms. 

The ESTEAM Pitch Competition highlights student innovation and invention from across our seven-state region to help fund their ideas and kickstart entrepreneurial thinking in communities across Appalachia. 

Eligible teams include middle- and high school students ages 14+ within the ESTEAM grant project region (If you are 13 and in middle school, you will need a teacher to register your business). To compete, individual students or a team of students must have a teacher identified. 

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finalists, regardless of team or individual submission. Teachers for the top three teams will earn $1,000 for their classroom. 

Schedule and key dates

To complete, teams must meet the following deadlines:
  • Round 1 Submission Deadline - November 5th by 12:00PM EST

Up to 15 teams will be moved forward to Round 2 and the live virtual competition. To compete in Round 2, teams must meet the following deadlines:
  • Round 2 Business Canvas Upload - December 1st by 11:59PM EST
  • Round 2 Live Pitch - December 15, 10AM-1PM EST

Organized by

The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd)

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Round 1: Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch is a short pitch of an entrepreneur's business. The goal of a...

Weight: 33.3%
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Round 2: ESTEAM Business Canvas

The ESTEAM Pitch Competition utilizes the ESTEAM Business Canvas template. This...

Weight: 33.3%
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Round 2: Live Pitch

The Live Pitch is a virtual 5-minute presentation where each business will share...

Weight: 33.3%
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